Where I Find My Supplies

I have many people ask me where I find my fabric and supplies for creating my clothing. It’s actually a fairly simple list of go-to sources I buy from again and again. In this post I will share them with you!

Antique Stores

You would be surprised what you can find at an antique store or flea market. There are many hidden treasures just waiting to be transformed into doll size clothing and accessories! Use an old hankie for a neck handkerchief, cut out pieces of lace off an old table linen to use as trim, not to mention the jewelry that can be carefully taken apart and used for mini brooches, necklaces and more.

Joann’s and Hobby Lobby

I buy most of my bias tape, velcro, thread, etc from these stores. Unfortunately they don’t have an incredible selection for historic fabric and trims (though sometimes you might be surprised!) Its nice to have them nearby for the basics though, and I always use coupons. Amazon is also great for bulk pricing on things I use all of the time like snaps and hooks and eyes.


There are numerous shops on Etsy where you can find specialty items for specific projects, though sometimes it does take a bit of searching. For example, I buy my tiny flowers from Squish n Chips . They are beautiful quality and very reasonably priced!

Needle and Thread

I love referring people to this amazing little shop. If you live near Gettysburg, PA, you have to stop in. Its my favorite place to get almost everything I need for historic doll clothing projects including gorgeous period fabrics, quality lace and trims, silk ribbon, buttons and buckles and so much more. Visit their site at http://woodedhamlet.com/about_us or stop in to their brick and mortar location at

2215 Fairfield Road,  Gettysburg, PA 17325

Cotton Lace

I’ve been buying from this site since I was a teenager just starting my Etsy shop. They have an amazing selection of quality cotton lace in all sizes and colors that are perfect for recreating historically accurate fashions for your dolls. The owner is very kind and helpful if you have any questions, and their prices are quite competitive considering they include shipping.

Visit their site: https://www.cottonlace.com/shop

There you have it! My master list. Happy sewing!

~ Elizabeth


3 thoughts on “Where I Find My Supplies”

  1. Thank you so much.💖. I live in a small town in Canada with a not so great fabric store (joann’s is a huge step up ). Wonderful to find recommended online stores.

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  2. Lovely resources! I also live in a small town in Canada. We have one small quilt shop that has some lovely quilter’s cotton, but I am always appreciative of online stores for fabrics, notions, trims, and haberdashery in 1/3 scale. Thank you!

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  3. Thanks! I have a tough time finding tiny buttons. I have been known to buy an entire bag just to get a few select buttons.


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